James Alexander Introduces New, Customizable Applicator Tips for Unit-Dose Plastic Ampoules

BLAIRSTOWN, NJ – James Alexander Corporation, a leading manufacturer and contract packager of unit dose dispensing systems, recently introduced its expanded line of highly functional, uniquely shaped applicator heads for their patented line of plastic ampoules.

The new applicators can be made from materials such as, (but not limited to), cosmetic foam, felts, wools, polyurethane, and uncompressed melamine. In addition, all of the new tips can be laminated for coarser applications.

“These special tips can be designed to fit the exacting needs of our customers,” said Carol Gamsby, Sales Manager. “We are pleased to bring them to market because not only do they offer yet another level of customization, but we also believe they will soon inspire the development of new types of topical products and treatments.”

The largest of the rectangular applicator heads are 1.5 inches wide and the largest of the circular applicator heads are 1 inch in diameter. Both are designed to fit James Alexander’s largest unit-dose tube, which can hold up to 5 ml.

James Alexander Corporation’s patented Plastic Ampoule is available in pencil shape (maximum fill volume, 2mls) or triangular shape (maximum fill volume, 5mls) or two part configurations with the solution(s) packaged in hermetically sealed crushable glass ampoules. The glass package is perfect for volatile formulas or solutions that are not compatible with plastic.