James Alexander Introduces Pearlized, Etched Plastic Ampoules

BLAIRSTOWN, NJ – James Alexander Corporation has introduced a pearlized, etched version of the company’s Plastic Ampoule package, it was announced by the firm’s President and CEO, Francesca Fazzolari.

“While our earliest versions of the Plastic Ampoule were offered only in the natural shade of our polyethylene and polypropylene blends, we have now developed the capability to manufacture pearlized color versions of our Plastic Ampoule package. We can also manufacture the Plastic Ampoule with an attractive raised etching with our customer’s name or logo,” explained Ms. Fazzolari.

“This added capability will enable us to offer our customers a more appealing and attractive package. We can now work with our customers in a creative way to develop a stunning color scheme and means of identification that will provide instant recognition in the marketplace,” Fazzolari went on to say.

“The newly designed Plastic Ampoule is part of our ongoing efforts to develop second generation packaging that will offer our customers more options for their packaging needs.”

James Alexander Corporation’s patented Plastic Ampoule (U.S. patent numbers 6,379,069, 6,641,319 and 6,869,242) allows the user to activate the package with a gentle squeeze of one hand, rupturing the patented internal membrane. Another gentle squeeze then dispenses the contents onto the applicator tip. The rate and flow of the liquid is easily controlled by the user.

“The pearlized, etched version of our Plastic Ampoule is ideal for applications in a variety of markets, including cosmetic and personal care, health and beauty aids, pharmaceuticals, toiletries and spa products,” Fazzolari indicated.

For more information on James Alexander’s unique packages and their broad range of applications, contact the company at 845 Route 94, Blairstown, New Jersey 07825; phone (908) 362-9266; fax (908) 362-5019; or visit their Web site at www.james-alexander.com.