James Alexander Plastic Ampoule Swab Now Available in Polypropylene

BLAIRSTOWN, NJ – James Alexander Corporation has introduced a polypropylene swab version of the company’s Plastic Ampoule, according to the firm’s President and CEO, Francesca Fazzolari.

“The polypropylene swab is part of our ongoing efforts to develop second generation plastics that will offer our customers more choices and will help enhance package integrity and product shelf life for many products,” Fazzolari said.

“We’ve had a polyethylene version of our swab package available for some time, and we hope to be introducing several new plastics in the coming months. We faced some significant engineering challenges in launching the polypropylene Plastic Ampoule. The unit is a single molded piece, and due to the complexity of the mold and the molding process, the polypropylene version has been a particular challenge.”

James Alexander Corporation’s patented Plastic Ampoule (U.S. patent numbers 6,379,069 and 6,641,319) allows the user to activate the package with a gentle squeeze of one hand, rupturing the patented internal membrane. Another gentle squeeze then dispenses the contents onto the applicator tip. The rate and flow of the liquid is easily controlled by the user.

“The unique attributes of the Plastic Ampoule swab make it perfect for topical applications in a variety of markets, including cosmetic and personal care, health and beauty aids, pharmaceutical, toiletries, dental, diagnostics, veterinary and spa products,” Fazzolari went on to say.

In addition, JAC offers a variety of applicator tips for its swab product, including a cylindrical tip with a centered hole for enhanced product flow, tapered tips for precise topical applications, and a series of brush applicator tips made in a variety of materials and styles. The Plastic Ampoule can also be decorated in any Pantone Matching System® (PMS) color, and the company has three color print capability.

Technical Data Sheets are available for both the polyethylene and polypropylene versions of James Alexander’s package. For more information on James Alexander’s unique packages and their broad range of applications, contact the company at 845 Route 94, Blairstown, New Jersey 07825; phone (908) 362-9266; fax (908) 362-5019; or visit their Web site at www.james-alexander.com.