Insect Control A Snap For Wellmark International With Glass Ampoules From James Alexander

BLAIRSTOWN, NJ – The Gentrol® Point Source™ roach control device and QuickStrike™ Fly Abatement Strip from Wellmark International have more in common than their outstanding performance in pest control. Both devices use crushable glass ampoules produced by the James Alexander Corporation as delivery systems.

“Versatile, reliable and tamper-resistant, the glass ampoules offer package stability, active ingredient isolation, and maximum shelf life,” explains Francesca Fazzolari, President of James Alexander, “qualities that literally put insect control at the fingertips of Gentrol Point Source and QuickStrike users.”

The glass ampoule used in Gentrol Point Source provides an innovative insect growth regulator delivery system that is activated with a simple squeeze at the raised end of the device. No measuring, mixing or spraying is required. And since one Gentrol device covers a 75 square foot area for up to 90 days, cockroaches never have to come in direct contact with the device to be affected. Labeled for use in all areas of food handling establishments, Gentrol can also be used in sensitive environments like hospitals.

The QuickStrike Fly Abatement Strip uses two triple-action glass ampoules at either end of the strip. When either ampoule is crushed, a pad absorbs the two feeding attractants and fly sex pheromone that are released, bringing flies to the area where they begin feeding on a fast-acting insecticide contained on a yellow-coated surface between the two ampoules. The first ampoule is activated at initial placement and typically lasts for two to four weeks, at which time the second ampoule can be activated for continued fly attraction.

“The economy and ease of use of the James Alexander glass ampoules make them the perfect packaging option for a wide range of uses in other products as well,” Fazzolari said. These include pharmaceuticals, first-aid treatments, cosmetics and toiletries, theft deterrents, diagnostic and analytical reagents, dental solutions, health and beauty aids, industrial lubricants and solvents, and adhesives and inks.

For more information on James Alexander glass ampoules, the company’s full-service packaging and design capabilities, and a free sample kit, call (908) 362-9266; visit their Web site at; or write to James Alexander, 845 Route 94, Blairstown, NJ 07825.