Blairstown Company Refines Well-Regarded Tandem Swab Ampoule
James Alexander Corporation Announces DuoDispersion System™

BLAIRSTOWN, NJ – James Alexander Corp.’s DuoDispersion System™ is a refinement to the company’s well-regarded tandem swab ampoule. Safe and easy to use, the tandem dropper can be customized to hold small-volume, dual-product medicines; each individual formula is hermetically sealed in its own container. The DuoDispersion System™ can hold a combined volume of 1.2mls that are kept separate until the point of application. Two versions of DuoDispersion™ are available: a swab for topical applications, and a dropper for diagnostic uses.

For more information on James Alexander’s unique plastic and glass packages and their broad range of applications, contact the company at 845 Route 94, Blairstown, New Jersey 07825; phone (908) 362-9266; fax (908) 362-5019; or visit their Web site at