James Alexander glass ampoules offer all of the advantages that make glass the indispensable package for many applications.

Not only will our glass ampoules extend product shelf life, they are also ideal whenever tamper resistant packaging is a must, when the formulation is sensitive to environmental exposure, or when the application calls for a two part system where the materials need to be mixed immediately prior to use. With a simple press or squeeze, the user activates the glass ampoule without even realizing that the package contains an ampoule.

  • Extend product shelf life

  • Provide tamper-evidence

  • Allow for specialized two-part mixing at the time of use

  • Protect sensitive formulations from environmental exposure


The Activator® is an easy activation system for single-use crushable glass ampoule packages.

Patent pending wing-shaped device breaks and helps dispense liquids from three different-sized James Alexander glass ampoule swabs and dropper packages. Available in any Pantone color.

The James Alexander Glass Ampoule is unlike any other package on the market.
Some of the current uses for James Alexander’s glass ampoule-based activation systems include:
Glass ampoules are the ideal single-use package for:

Topical applications – application of product to the skin such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and health and beauty aids

Dropper tip assemblies – dispensing of liquids in dropper form for microbiological reagents, fixatives and solvents

Inhalation – as with attractants, deodorizers, respirator fit test products and pharmaceuticals

Tandem applications – where two substances are mixed immediately prior to use such as medical device test reagents and topical pharmaceuticals

James Alexander Glass Ampoule Packages:

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James Alexander’s crushable glass ampoule can be made of USP (United States Pharmacopeia) type I or type III glass. USP type I glass is a borosilicate glass composed principally of silicon dioxide and boric oxide, with low levels of the non-network forming oxides. It is a chemically resistant glass exhibiting low leachability and a low thermal coefficient of expansion.

USP type III glass is commonly called “soda lime” glass. It is composed of relatively high proportions of sodium oxide and calcium oxide. Soda lime glass melts at a lower temperature, which makes it easier to mold into various shapes. This glass is less chemically resistant than USP type I glass and is typically used in applications where a slight variation in the pH will not affect the contents of the ampoule.

James Alexander’s crushable glass ampoules come in a variety of diameters to meet varied packaging needs. Standard diameters are 7.0 mm and 8.0 mm. All diameters have tolerances of +/- 0.20 mm. The length of a sealed glass ampoule can be varied from approximately 30 mm (1.2 inches) to more than 100 mm (3.9 inches). Tolerances for sealed ampoule length are typically +/- 1.5 mm.

Custom diameters and sizes are available for customers with nonstandard needs. When designing packages requiring glass ampoules, James Alexander recommends that customers attempt to utilize standard diameters in order to minimize lead times and cost.

James Alexander has also developed the capability of filling crushable ampoules with powders, with reproducible fill volumes as low as 50 milligrams. Powder ampoules are ideal for diagnostic test kits and a variety of other applications. Since ampoule quality and fill volume reproducibility are highly dependent on the characteristics and consistency of the particular powder or crystal, a small pre-production sample run is highly recommended.

Here are just some of the innovative ways James Alexander can package crushable ampoules:

  • In single or tandem ampoule swabs. The ampoules may contain a liquid or a powder.
  • In single or tandem dropper tip assemblies. This package is ideal for diagnostic applications.
  • Blister packaging
  • With the glass swab add The Activator for easy activation

Experience the advantages of glass ampoules for your brand.