James Alexander Corporation

James Alexander Inhalants

Ingenious packaging simplicity

Package Design

The James Alexander Corporation unit dose inhalant package is a pharmaceutical delivery system designed so that the drug is delivered to the respiratory system for local or systemic effect.

In 1982, James Alexander Corporation developed and introduced a new style of inhalant that offers ingenious packaging simplicity while still retaining the advantages of the old style inhalant. The new JAC inhalant consists of a sealed, crushable glass ampoule enclosed in a cellulose acetate absorbent layer with an outer cover of paper that allows for appropriate product identification. The inhalant is heat sealed on either side to complete the package.

The package can also be used for:

  • Respirator fit test inhalant
  • Fragrances and scents
  • Aromatherapy
  • Pharmaceuticals

Packaging Variations Available

A number of packaging variations are available with the James Alexander unit dose inhalant:

  • The inhalant formulation may be packaged in either USP type I, borosilicate or USP type III, soda lime glass.
  • The inhalant paper sleeve can be printed with the appropriate product identification, directions, and lot number in red, blue or black print.
  • Custom size inhalants can be manufactured.

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