Product Description

Povidone iodine topical solution USP (PVP) is an aqueous formulation of povidone-iodine, a compound formed by heating 1-vinyl-2-pyrrolidinone with elemental iodine. The povidone component serves the function of iodide in aqueous iodine solutions and tinctures, which is to increase the solubility and to provide a slow release form of iodine.


As compared to iodine solutions and tinctures, PVP solutions offer the following advantages:

  • Prolonged Action- By liberating elemental iodine more slowly, povidone iodine solution has prolonged antimicrobial activity.
  • Less Irritating- Since the concentration of free iodine in PVP solutions is lower, povidone iodine solutions are less irritating, particularly under occlusive dressings.
  • Nonstaining- PVP solutions stain the skin and clothing less than iodine solutions and tinctures.


PVP Topical solutions retain the broad spectrum antimicrobial and antiviral activity of iodine. It is used for the prevention of infection in minor burns, abrasions and cuts and in the preparation of the skin for injection and hyperalimentation procedures.

Product Stability

James Alexander’s Povidone iodine USP swabs carry a three (3) year expiration date, the maximum amount allowed by the Food and Drug Administration.

Directions For Use

Reverse cardboard sleeve on swab. Crush ONCE between the thumb and forefinger at the dot located at the center of the swab. Gently squeeze swab to apply to the desired area. To avoid glass splinters, use only with paper cap completely in place.

James Alexander’s Product Configuration and Packaging

James Alexander offers PVP Topical Solution USP as a 10% solution packaged in unit dose swab containing 0.6 mls of solution.

  • James Alexander Product Code G-7702- Bulk swabs, packaged 5,000 per shipping carton.
  • James Alexander Product Code 773- Unit dose swabs packaged 10 per box.
  • James Alexander Product Code 772- Unit dose swabs packaged 100 per box.

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