Product Description

Compound Benzoin Tincture USP (CBT) is a botanical product derived from plants of the family Styraceae. Benzoin producing plants are small to medium trees growing in tropical Asia. Benzoin is a pathological product formed when the tree trunk is injured. It is produced by incising the bark and collecting the exuded resin after it hardens on exposure to air and light. Benzoin is an ancient drug that has had more different Latin titles and synonyms since its origin in the 15th or 16th century than any other official preparation. Benzoin contains esters of cinnamic and benzoic acids together with free acids. Amounts and types of esters vary with its source. CBT is prepared by mixing benzoin with aloe, storax, and Tolu Balsam. Alcohol is used as the menstruum.


Compound Benzoin Tincture USP is used as an adhesion promoter for bandages

Product Stability

JAC’s Compound Benzoin Tincture USP swabs carry a five (5) year expiration date, the maximum allowed by the Food and Drug Administration.

Directions for Use

Reverse cardboard sleeve on swab. Crush ONCE between the thumb and forefinger at the dot located at the center of the swab. Gently squeeze swab to apply to the desired area. To avoid glass splinters, use only with paper cap completely in place.

JAC Product Configuration and Packaging

JAC offers Compound Benzoin Tincture USP as a unit dose swab containing 0.6 mls (0.02 ounces) of solution.

  • JAC Code G-88 – NDC# 46414-8888-5- bulk unit dose Compound Benzoin Tincture USP swabs packaged 5,000 units per shipping carton.
  • JAC Product Code 882- NDC# 46414-8888-2- unit dose swabs packaged 100 per box.

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